Through adversity, we will forge. Not into steel and metal, but into bright lights that will echo into the world around us. Our stories will be heard, our messages will be delivered, our Colours will shine bright.

Saints is proud to bring you, Colours - a powerful art show, panel discussion, and event showcasing young and vibrant minority artist using bright and bold colors to tell their story, express their emotions, and uplift the world around them.

Colours, is also the official celebration and launch party for Saints, the unique lifestyle brand redefining the boutique experience - blurring the lines between fashion, art, grooming, and design.   

With the empowerment of creators at Saints core, we partnered with Inner-City Arts and donated 100% of the art proceeds to support this incredible non-profit giving the under-resourced youth access to art programs and curriculums. 

A special thanks to Remy Martin for partnering with us and helping bring this special vision to life, we are so grateful. 



Girl in a jacket