Combo Services

Premium Package

It starts with a highly crafted haircut tailored specifically for you. A hot towel shave infused with natural essential oils and facial steamer opens your pores for a precise straight-razor shave. The service is then completed with a facial massage, hairline shave, rinse, and style.

90 Min - $140


Haircut + Beard

Your haircut is specific to you, uniquely crafted for your head shape and beard style. The beard trim is finished with a straight razor, it includes a hairline shave and personalized hairstyling. 

75 Min - $100


Individual Services


Each haircut is tailored specifically for you - it's based on head shape, texture, density, and desired style. It includes a comprehensive hair consultation, grooming, and hairstyling based on personal look. This service is applicable for men, women (w/ short hair), and young adults 16+ only.

60 Min - $80


Beard Trim

A highly-detailed beard trim utilizing clippers, scissors, and a straight-razor finish, it includes a hairline shave and beard styling.

30 Min - $60


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