What is Saints?

Saints is a lifestyle brand and concept store - part barbershop, boutique, gallery, and event space focused on highly-curated haircuts, products, and experiences.

The space also houses a community of good people – artist, creatives, and innovators pushing boundaries with purpose in fashion, art, music, tech, and culture.


What exists in the physical store?

The brick and mortar store is a boutique, barbershop, gallery, and event space. 


What brands do you carry?

Currently, we carry Uuuntitled, Honor The Gift, Rokit, and a wide selection of Vintage Apparel. Our newsletter and instagram is the best way to stay informed with updates.


Will you ever sell online?

Yes. You can buy a majority of our products online (excludes art and some accessories) but everything is available in-store.


Do I need to make an appointment to get a haircut?

Nope, walk-ins are welcome. Appointments are encouraged and could also be booked directly –> here.


How can I submit work for the gallery?

Feel free to email submissions at info(at)saintsunion.com

How can I apply to be a barber?

All barber positions are applied thru instagram. We like to see your portfolio to assess any potential opportunities. Please message directly @saintsinlosangeles