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Shampoos are designed to clean oily grime from your hair. Unfortunately, the soaps present in shampoos can sometimes be too vigorous and active, removing too much natural oil from the hair and the scalp. When this happens, hair can feel frizzy and dry, and taken to extremes this can lead to hair damage. We have specially formulated this shampoo so that its balance of soaps is sufficient to gently remove dirt and soil but not so strong to remove excess oil from the hair. This is the first of three key steps towards making a hydrating shampoo.

The second step is to add natural oils and fatty compounds back to the hair and scalp.

We’ve chosen light oils which absorb quickly and which mimic the molecular structure of natural hair oil (sebum). This helps to ensure that any natural oil loss to the soaps is replaced by other ingredients in the shampoo.

The third step is to add actual moisturizing ingredients to the shampoo. Chemists call these ingredients “humectants”, and they help to draw moisture to the hair and scalp. We’d like to highlight some of the humectants we’ve added, as we believe they represent a very effective yet natural way of hydrating the scalp.

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